we do not send out christmas letters like most people do, instead we send out our letters on our wedding anniversary.  here is our letter from this year, hope you enjoy it.

Greetings from the Brown family. We are busy packing up!  We will be moving to our new home, which is in the same area near Waco, at the end of June. The new house is much bigger, on an acre of land, and it has a pool.
Michael and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage this year.  In May, we made it back to the beach where we wereengaged. Michael’s brother, Dave, took our family pictures there. Here’s a quick update:
Michael still works at the same accounting firm where he has been for 9 years. He has transitioned from doing tax work and is focusing on growing the business valuation and litigation services practice.  Michael has enjoyed taking time to go canoeing and camping this past year. You can keep up with Michael at: www.facebook.com/michael.l.brown.cpa and www.twitter.com/michaellbrown
Caryn is working at the student loan company where I have been for 9 years as well.  We are still surviving despite the government’s takeover of the student loan industry.  I continue to stay involved in social media and the Waco Social Media breakfasts.  I was even featured in a story on the local news in May about teaching kids how to be safe online http://tinyurl.com/carynsontv.  You can keep up with me at: www.facebook.com/carynabrown and www.twitter.com/carynbrown
Lee finished 3rd grade this year. He says the best part about 3rd grade was when his teacher would read to him.  He took the TAKS test for the first time this year and was commended on both parts. Lee has become an avid reader, and he is growing into a thoughtful, sweet and more mature young man. He is excited about having his birthday pool party this year at his new house.
Ed finished 1st grade this year. He says the best part about 1st grade was singing Christmas carols in the school cafeteria. He likes to play on the computer and hang out with Dad. Ed is sad to leave the only home he has known, but he is warming up to the idea of a new house. Ed’s comment was: “Dad, this is a major transition, you know? This is the only place that I have lived my whole life. That’s pretty major.”

Both boys are enjoying posting videos on their youtube channel, you can check it out at: www.youtube.com/theleeanded